Bob is struggling to comprehend that Terry has brought his teenage daughter, Dawn, back from Spain as his girlfriend. Knowing full well that Terry was in love with Louise - he finds it hard to believe that he could change his mind to rapidly! Naturally protective over his daughter, things go from bad to worse for Bob, when Dawn makes a shock announcement! Bob is flabbergasted and, not hiding his thoughts, he resolves to put her on the next plane home to her mother. Until that is, the entrance of another familiar face causes an even bigger stir! As all hell breaks loose in The Woolpack, Scott tries to disperse the gathering crowds by inviting them back to his. But nothing could persuade Edna and Nicola to give up their ringside seats as the sparks begin to fly in the pub. Meanwhile, Viv tries to cheer Bob up as she proudly admits she has finally managed to pass her eternity ring - thankfully in pristine condition! However, Bob is far from impressed as he has other more pressing issues on his mind - like running Terry out of town.


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