When Mack asks Nicola out on a date, she has high hopes that her disastrous love life is set to change! But when Alan collars Mack and cleans him out of cash for rent arrears at the B&B - suddenly the prospect of a date look slim to none. However, Nicola is determined not to let this penniless builder get away and offers to pay for the date - to which Mack gratefully obliges. With the aid of several vodkas, she begins to see womanising Mack in a whole new light, despite Rodney's warnings to stay away. It doesn't take long for Mack to persuade Nicola to take him home - but will she still see him as prince charming in the morning? Jean takes her daughter aside for a heart to heart. But Dawn isn't for listening and makes her intentions clear, insisting she wants to make a new life with Terry in Emmerdale. Secretly plotting to sabotage the wedding, Bob is later annoyed when it appears his only ally Jean has accepted the marriage. Convinced that all their plans are falling into place, Terry and Dawn are upbeat as they make their wedding plans, but it is all too much for Bob when Terry asks him to be the best man! Lisa and Laurel are working themselves to the bone in Pollard's Factory - but have hardly made a dent in the huge workload. But despite Lisa's protests, Pollard's refuses to consider taking on extra staff - more concerned with deadlines and huge profit.


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