At Home Farm, Chris' insecurities about Charity are fuelled, as he realises that Zoe knew that Debbie was Charity's child and didn't tell him. Meanwhile, Charity's concerns are elsewhere, as she can't wait for Pat to recover and be released from the hospital so that Debbie will be out of her life forever. Pat, however, is seemingly getting worse, not better, and Emily wonders whether they should prepare Debbie for the worst-case scenario. The path of love never runs smoothly for Nicola as she wakes up in bed alone. With Mack long gone, she feels deflated as she has been taken for granted again. To make matters worse, she has a hangover, late for work, and is going to have to face public humiliation, not to mention the wrath of Zoe! Scott is impressed by Mack but Syd is concerned that he may not have let her down gently, remembering the right hook she delivered to him at the end of their brief relationship. Syd soon has other matters to think about, though, when Jack tells him he has won the contract for the building work at the Reynolds house. Being in charge of his first building project is suddenly a daunting task for Syd, and he realises he will need to recruit some staff fast! Hoping Mack will jump at the chance, Syd is stunned when his work-mate decides to play hard-to-get. Lisa finally gets her way and convinces Eric they are run off their feet in the factory. They are relieved when he agrees to employ some extra staff and Louise is determined to put the horrific stalking ordeal behind her, as the coroner's court finally declare an open verdict on Ray's death.


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