Lisa and Laurel are relieved as they see new troops arriving to help with the huge workload at Pollard's Factory and there's a bonus too for Laurel as she gets all in a fluster about one of the recruits and Lisa plays cupid. But the excitement surrounding the new arrivals soon wears off when Lisa finds out they are on a far higher wage than everyone else! Her angry tones fall on deaf ears, however, and Eric tells her to get on with her job - while she still has one! But Lisa isn't about to let him ride roughshod over her workforce and decides to hit Eric where it hurts. Emily is concerned for Debbie, as her adoptive mother Pat has taken a turn for the worse and may not make it through the night. Debbie is distraught, having convinced herself that she has made matters worse by lying about Pat dying of cancer. Meanwhile, things are getting back to normal for Zoe at the surgery. She finds a strange delight in doing things that have been off limits for a while, due to her pregnancy. Syd finally convinces Mack to join him in working on the contract for the Reynolds conversion - though Mack isn't too chuffed about taking orders from his protégé'. Nicola is down in the dumps over her men problems. Sick of everyone taking advantage of her, she finally decides she is off blokes' altogether!


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