With his staff on strike, Eric's attempt to meet the huge order deadline single-handedly is doomed to fail. Having spent the entire night in the factory, yet barely making a dent in the order, he feels deflated and defeated. Lisa, however, is doing a stern job at the front of the picket line, making sure no one backs down. Time is ticking away and Eric is all too aware that the time has come for some tough negotiations. Lisa holds her head up high as she leaves the picket line for a showdown with the boss - determined not to let her troops down. Meanwhile, Debbie's adoptive mother Pat is weakening in hospital and has been given only weeks to live. Concerned for Debbie's future, Emily discusses with Paddy the idea of fostering her on a more permanent basis. Zoe is taken aback at the speed in which the adoption agency has found a home for baby Jean. She enquires about the prospective parents, trying to hide her natural concern for her baby's future. After the care worker's call, Zoe struggles to convince herself that she has done the right thing in giving Jean up but throws herself into her work in a bid to take her mind off the baby. Andy struggles to deal with his jealousy when Katie raves she has passed her art exam with flying colours thanks to Stephen and Nicola takes advantage of Laurel's naïve outlook on life as she offers to manage her cleaning business. Little does she know that Nicola is after the main chance - drawing up a contract to seal their deal and take a share of the takings.


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