Pat hasn't made it through the night and Emily fears the worst when she gets a call from the hospital telling her Debbie disappeared shortly after Pat passed away. Distraught, Debbie is struggling to deal with her grief and doesn't know who to turn to. Alone and with tears streaming down her face, she finds herself drawn to Home Farm. Charity is late for a meeting and rushes out the door, the last thing she expects is to be confronted by a desperate Debbie. The pain in Debbie's eyes is excruciating for Charity - but she refuses to be emotionally drawn. Debbie decides to share the secret of her mother's identity with Paddy, and Emily but they are quick to put her wild tale down to shock. At Pollard's Factory, the troops are flagging as they have been working through the night to complete the order. The sleep deprivation is taking its toll as Lisa does her best to keep spirits high. As the production pace slows, Eric becomes more irritable and threatens to sack everyone if they don't speed up. It's once again down to Lisa to try and save the day and stop the angry workers from downing tools. Meanwhile, Nicola is busy trying to get Laurel to sign her life away. Having drawn up a contract to become her new business manager, Laurel is unsuspecting as Nicola asks her to sign on the dotted line. Zoe receives some further upsetting news from the adoption agency. She can't help feel rejected when she hears the new couple have decided to change Jean's name.


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