Emily is still deeply confused about Debbie's belief that Charity is her mother. But when Debbie confesses Cain has been encouraging her, Emily is outraged that he could fill her with such false hopes. Determined to confront Cain, Emily goes to the Dingles' to shed some light on the matter. But the last thing she expects to uncover is the truth, and Emily and Paddy are left reeling with the news. As they head to Home Farm for a showdown, Charity braces herself as she realises she can no longer remain anonymous in Debbie's life. Donna has taken a shine to Stephen and begs Katie to organise a night out so she can get to know him a little better. Andy is keen to build bridges with Stephen as they got off on the wrong foot and agrees to Katie's idea of a get-together. But Stephen feels the pressure when he sees Donna is dressed up to the nines and realises he has been set up. Things get better and better at Pollard's Factory for Lisa and her boss is so taken with her supervisory skill in the factory, he makes her a management offer she can't afford to refuse.


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