Debbie is heartbroken after yet another rejection from Charity, while Paddy and Emily are left to pick up the pieces. Still holding a glimmer of hope for their relationship, Debbie hopes that Charity may change her mind, given time. Paddy and Emily have bigger worries on their mind, though. With Debbie's birth mother being so close to home, they are sure that social services will move her away. Torn as to whether or not to call social services, they are dealt a massive blow when Charity beats them to the punch. They are left devastated when a phone call comes to tell them the worst - Debbie has to go. As the dust settles at Home Farm, Chris is taken aback by Charity's coldness when she assures him she wants Debbie out of her life as quickly as possible. The day's events have taken their toll on Zoe too; she reflects on her dilemma and wonders what long-term damage adoption will have on Jean. Having witnessed the trauma that Debbie has suffered, Zoe fears she is all set to put her daughter through the same thing on the day. Burdened by her guilt, Zoe goes to see Ashley but struggles to hold herself together emotionally when she sees him affectionately playing with Gabby. Meanwhile, Donna is determined to brush up on her farming skills to impress Stephen.


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