Zoe makes a momentous decision about her baby, Tricia is already experiencing the troubles of married life and Bob does everything he can to stop Terry and Dawn's wedding.


Zoe is beginning to feel the pressure to finalise the details of giving baby Jean up for adoption. Determined not to let the proceedings interfere with her day-to-day life, Zoe requests that adoption agency worker Lila visits her at work with all the documents. But the prospect of signing away custody suddenly becomes a daunting task as Zoe realises she is not as strong willed as she thought. Respecting Zoe's concern for the future of her child and realising that she hasn’t yet come to terms with giving up her baby, the agency offer her the chance to visit baby Jean one last time. But when Jean begins to cry, Zoe is forced to make the biggest decision of her life - pick her up and soothe her tears or walk away for good. Meanwhile, the path of fostering is not running smoothly for Paddy and Emily either, as they are subject to criticism over their care of Debbie. To make matters worse, Emily is disheartened to hear that Debbie has not been placed with a family but in a care home. Tricia’s rose tinted view of married life is quickly tempered as she and Marlon arrive back from honeymoon to return to the grind of everyday life and a comment from Viv confirms Tricia's theory that Marlon's behaviour isn’t up for scratch for a newly wed – as she expects everything to be extra special. Meanwhile, Bob is doing his best to bond with Dawn, while secretly trying to sabotage her wedding to Terry. Lisa is shocked to discover some the truth about Debbie's relationship with Charity and she is further annoyed to find out Cain used this knowledge to blackmail Charity.


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