A new Tate is welcomed to Home Farm, Marlon is concerned when he stumbles across in one of Tricia's magazines, and Pancake Day leads to chaos at the Sugdens.


Unable to give up her own flesh and blood, Zoe is excited as she plans the homecoming of baby Jean. Secretly relieved at Zoe's decision, Chris welcomes the baby into the family fold - keen to help Zoe make plans for her future. Although they may never know the identity of her father, they both agree that Jean is a Tate and should never be treated any differently. However, still troubled by Debbie, Charity is riled by the new arrival in the Tate dynasty. News of the new Tate addition soon spreads to the village and Scott is terrified that Zoe's change of heart will serve as a permanent reminder that he is the father of her child. Having remained anonymous thus far, Scott grows increasingly convinced that Jean's constant presence will ultimately trigger Zoe's memory of that fateful day. Emily is still struggling to come to terms with Debbie's absence. Despite warnings by social services, she is desperately keen to go to Pat’s funeral to lend her support to Debbie. Marlon is troubled by Tricia’s strange behaviour since returning from their honeymoon and he is even more confused when he stumbles across something in Tricia's magazines - leading him to believe they are incompatible. Elsewhere in the village, Rodney becomes the proud new owner of Mill Cottage, while Nicola is quick to try to manipulate her father into allowing her to move in.


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