Zoe takes to motherhood easily, which puts Scott on edge. Meanwhile, Charity rejects Debbie in no uncertain terms, and Marlon is overwhelmed with paranoia.


Despite a troubled night with her baby daughter, Zoe grows increasingly comfortable with Jean as the bonding process begins. Not everyone is as comfortable, however, and things gets awkward for Scott when he and Chloe bump into Zoe and Chris out walking the baby. Despite his fear of being revealed as the father, Scott feels compelled to look at Jean to test if he has any paternal feelings towards her. He is relieved when he feels nothing, but that is more than can be said when he discovers that Chloe is considering applying for the job of nanny – looking after Jean! With her adoptive mother gone, Debbie again finds herself drawn to Home Farm in a desperate bid to search answers from Charity. Although alarmed by Debbie's arrival, Charity manages to remain composed and tries to set Debbie straight – forcing herself to be blunt to the point of being cruel in order to get the message over. Charity tries to convince Debbie that she has misconstrued ideas about their relationship and it is going nowhere. Dishevelled and distraught, Debbie fleas from Home Farm, filled with self-loath as the sounds of Charity's voice rings in her ears. Tricia is still frustrated with married life and as she sets about changing the utility bills into her married name, she can’t help but notice that she doesn’t feel any different to when she was single. Marlon’s bizarre behaviour can’t be helping, though, as he seems to be suffering from post honeymoon paranoia - convinced that Tricia has already gone off him.


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