Debbie absconds, leaving PaddyEmily and Charity panic-stricken. Meanwhile, the Dingles receive a surprise from Zak, and Mack is put out of action.


As Emily grows frustrated over Charity having the final word on where Debbie will live, Paddy delivers the troubling news that Debbie has run away again. Desperate to help the troubled teenager, Emily makes an emotional plea to Charity, begging her to let Debbie stay in the village. The guilt is unbearable for Charity, who struggles to get the image of Debbie's tear stained face out of her mind. Realising the hurt she has caused having rejected her, Charity starts to face up to some painful truths. Meanwhile, Viv and Steph arrive at Home Farm on the pretext of congratulating Zoe on the baby. But it soon becomes apparent that they are just there to pry as they try to establish who the father is. Zoe has more pressing matters to deal with, however, and surprised to learn Chloe has applied for the position of nanny. She agrees to interview her but strongly doubts she will be the best candidate – given the time they previously spent together. Mack does a spot of DIY for Edna, but all doesn’t go as planned and Mack soon becomes a cropper. With his wrist out of action from the fall, Mack is quick to tell Syd he’ll have to put his feet up for the afternoon and makes his way back to the pub. Scott is quick to accuse Mack of being a fraud as he knocks back the pints, but Syd won’t hear a bad word said against his friend.


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