Charity is wracked with guilt as the search for Debbie continues, Betty returns from Down Under and Alan evicts Mack from the B&B.


Feeling as though she is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, Charity is wracked with guilt as Debbie is still missing. Chris is quick to reassure Charity that if Debbie is any thing like her mother she will be fine – she is a survivor. The words of comfort help, but Charity simply worries more and resolves to help Emily look for Debbie. Their search for takes Charity back down memory lane to a time she’d rather forget as they visit the council house – once the home to Charity and also where Debbie had lived until Pat became ill. As the memories come flooding back, Charity becomes more moved by Debbie's plight. Meanwhile, at the Dingles, Cain is annoyed to find Debbie hanging around the animals. Not wanting to entertain her, he offers to give her a lift home. But Debbie tearfully admits she has no where to go - with Pat dead and social services taking her away from the village – not even her real mother wants her. Cain insist she returns to the village – but how will Charity react to her daughter now? Betty is back from Australia, having been to visit Kathy and is keen to catch up on all the gossip. Seth is determined to make a fuss and attempts to cook a welcome home meal. But as Betty recounts her travels in Oz, Seth worries that she hasn’t missed him much and may be considering moving to Australia! Sick of chasing Mack for the rent arrears, Alan’s patience has finally run out – and so has Mack's time at the B&B! Meanwhile, Zoe’s search for a nanny is proving tougher than she thought as her illness becomes an issue yet again.


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