The Marsdens arrive in Emmerdale; however, the road is far from smooth as their removal van becomes ditched in the middle of the village. Ronnie Marsden is forced to abandon his vehicle and transport his family's belongings on foot, while the villagers start to gather around, intrigued by the newcomers. With the road blocked Ronnie is quick to make acquaintances and is grateful when Jack, arrives on the scene to offer a helping hand. It is abundantly clear that Ali, his youngest son, is far more interested in the local girls than helping out his dad. Meanwhile, at the Reynolds former old house, Frances Marsden is fuming to find Syd and Mack are still working away on their new house and makes it clear she won’t be letting the matter lie. As a frantic Frances heads off with her eldest son Paul to track down her possessions and assess the damage, Mack and Syd waste no time trying to charm Frances's daughter Elaine and Paul's wife Siobhan. After an eventful day, Ronnie's suggestion to go to the pub infuriates Frances as she reminds him it's their 25th wedding anniversary and she was going to prepare them a meal.


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