Keen to befriend her new neighbours, Frances invites the Dingles over for a drink. The atmosphere is tense though and Cain is unnerved by Elaine’s persistent questions about the previous owners to the house. Getting up for work, Scott is annoyed to find the house is littered with the remnants of Mack and Syd’s previous night's drinking binge. When Syd emerges with a hangover, he is in no mood to battle with Scott so meekly apologises for the mess promising to clean it up at the first opportunity. When Syd arrives, he sees Mack is already at work and scolds him for letting him oversleep when they have such a big job to finish. Even The Woolpack can’t offer a hangover solution for Mack as Alan delivers a sobering blow by collaring him for the rent he owes from his time at the B&B. Paddy and Emily are getting increasingly worried about Debbie and her growing obsession with Charity. Vowing to offer their unconditional support they hope she isn’t setting herself up for another fall. Meanwhile, Charity is annoyed as social services have asked her to take a DNA test. Chris offers his support; however, Charity makes him feel more distant than ever by not letting him get involved.


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