Living conditions aren’t getting any better at Pear Tree Cottage making Scott livid. To make matters worse Mack makes a suggestive comment about Chloe, which pushes Scott over the edge. He is quickly tiring of Mack treating the place like a doss house and is angry with Syd for not throwing him out as he’d promised. But when Syd finds out where Mack’s loyalties lie, he takes swift action, and his building buddy soon finds himself between a rock and a hard place. Frances is keen to find a job in Emmerdale but she soon finds out there are little or no vacancies to choose from. Viv points her in the direction of Pollard’s Factory in the hope that Lisa is feeling in a charitable mood. Having waged a bet with his twin sister Elaine, Ali is keen to convince Ollie to come on a date with him. But when she declines his offer, he decides to try for the sympathy vote telling her he could drop dead any minute. Bob’s efforts to sabotage his daughter’s wedding to Terry are getting nowhere and still haven’t managed to convince her to call it off. Meanwhile, at Home Farm, Debbie’s meeting with Charity is a huge let down as her birth mother remains defiantly cold towards her leaving her heartbroken.


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