Jealous of all the male attention Ollie has been getting recently Donna decides to stir up a bit of trouble by telling Danny that new boy Ali has been after his girl. Danny doesn’t take kindly to the news so, unaware of his heart condition, gets physical with Ali. But when Ali hits the floor, motionless, panic spreads as Elaine confirms that he has a heart complaint. Frances has been on edge for a couple of days but Ronnie puts her anxiety down to starting a new job at the factory. Little does he know she is expecting test results from the hospital at any time after a health scare. At work Frances’ worry is evident, but she feels relieved when Lisa offers a sympathetic ear, telling her about her experiences with Zak’s cancer battle. Touched by Lisa's story, Frances agrees to pluck up the courage to tell Ronnie the results of her test. Jean has returned to Emmerdale for Dawn’s wedding with nowhere to stay. But when Bob offers to do the decent thing by putting her up for the night Viv is outraged by the idea of sharing the same roof as his ex-wife! Still desperate to stop the wedding Jean and Bob put their heads together in an attempt to throw a spanner in the works. Having been thrown out on his ear by Syd and Scott, Mack has spent the night in the back of his van. When Diane refuses his plea to stay at the pub it soon becomes clear that he has burnt his bridges in the village.


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