Bob and Jean are still busy masterminding their plan to stop Dawn from walking down the aisle with Terry. They are convinced that if they can make it obvious that Terry is still in love with Louise, Dawn will be sure to call the whole thing off. Louise is disgusted to learn of Bob's underhand plan but, to prove a point, she reluctantly agrees to play along. Meanwhile, Terry heads out to celebrate his stag night, while Dawn marks her last few nights of freedom with the girls. Meanwhile, Jean and Steph get well aquatinted over a few bottles of wine. As they gossip, Steph lets slip that Viv had a one-night stand with a limo driver! Jean revels with delight as she realises she has some dirt on Viv. Edna finds a homeless Mack alone in the church. Sensing her concern he tells her he came in to find sanctuary from the cold. Unable to watch him suffer, she offers him her spare room for a couple of nights and Mack is quick to accept her gracious offer. Paul calls round to check on his mum after her health scare and berates her for bottling up her problems. He insists that Frances shouldn’t shy away from relying on support from her family. Ali apologises to Donna and Ollie for frightening them the previous day. Donna is intrigued to hear more about his illness but Ollie demands that he doesn’t ever scare them again.


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