Edna’s new lodger is making himself comfortable, but when she makes it clear that the charity will not extend longer than three days Mack decides to do some DIY ‘on the house’. When Betty witnesses Mack leaving Edna's place, she reveals in gossiping about the new friendship. Louise has a chat with Terry about his pending marriage to Dawn hoping to get to the bottom of it once and for all. When Terry reiterates that he only has feelings for Dawn, she feels convinced that he's getting married for the right reasons. After being let down by his best man, Terry calls on his employer Chris to help out. Despite their past differences, the hard man tells a surprised Terry that he would be delighted and honoured. Bob tries one last time to persuade his daughter not to marry Terry. At the church rehearsal the prospect of giving Dawn away to a man more than twice her age is just too much to bear. So after telling Dawn that Terry does not love her, he storms off leaving Dawn to give herself away. Jean and Viv are at each other's throats all day long. Finally, after a day of innuendoes, Jean decides to spill the beans to a stressed Bob about his wife's infidelity. Bob is left stunned by the news that it was Viv, not Steph, who had a one-night stand with a limo driver.


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