It is the day of the wedding, but Bob is more determined than ever to stop it going ahead. Meanwhile, Jarvis' pleas fall on deaf ears.


The wedding day arrives, but a rather rocky wedding it is. Bob confronts Diane over Jean's revelation and she confirms that Viv had slept with Matti on Tricia's hen night. Viv is unaware that Bob knows about her one night stand and is puzzled as to where he is, but Jean continues with her little mind games. Dawn and Terry arrive for their wedding, but Bob is still nowhere to be seen. This worries Dawn, but eventually she decides to walk down the aisle by herself. The wedding starts. But Bob decides to stop the wedding and confront Viv over her fling. He walks into the church and the guests were amused as he tries to stop the wedding. But when he spots Viv things really start to get better. Bob confronts her and the whole church is amazed to learn of her infidelity. An angry Bob storms out of the church and Viv follows. But outside Matti stands, waiting for Dawn and Terry as he had been hired as a surprise for them by the wicked witch – Jean. Bob punches Matti and Viv walks back into the church. Meanwhile, Edna refuses to listen when Jarvis tries to convince her that Mack is up no good.


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