Nicola has a hangover following her night out with her friends and isn't pleased to see that Steph has spent the night with Rodney. Nicola and Steph clash over this, and when Nicola loses the argument she decides to help Steph out, by giving all her luggage to Jarvis and Sam. Steph realises what Nicola is doing, but it's too late. Nicola throws the final bag into the truck, just as Steph and Rodney arrive on the scene. Steph climbs into the truck, but is devastated to discover that her mermaid has shattered. Steph is heartbroken as she realises that all her dreams have went with the statue. Rodney is forced to let her stay with him, much to Nicola’s disapproval. Viv’s new approach to living seems to be working as she is being nice to everyone. But Viv can't face it when Donna arrives back to café, complete with blue hair, and has to leave. Donna has cheered up and is talking to Elaine about Ali and thinks that he likes her. Charity again upsets her daughter by breaking off a planned meeting. Debbie is upset by this, but instead decides to visit the Dingles. She finds Cain there, and tells him that he shouldn’t have used her. He reveals that Charity was a prostitute after having Debbie. Later, Debbie tells Paddy and Emily, and Paddy is forced to confront Cain. He does this in the Woolpack, but Cain doesn't seem to be listening to what Paddy has to say. Eric is desperate to win the Hotten Employer of the Year award and hires Danny to join the team so that he can appear to be an equal and fair employer because he takes on people from different backgrounds.


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