Viv and Bob unite in their worry for Donna when she has a medical emergency. Meanwhile, Nicola and Rodney devise a plan to get rid of Steph.


The teenagers are playing spin the bottle at the cricket pavilion. Donna and Katie head to steal from Viv’s shop, but Donna is even more depressed when she hears Viv and Bob arguing in the café. Back at the pavilion, she starts to drink heavily. As she gets up, Donna claims that she has taken pills before passing out. Elaine goes in search of Viv and gets help from Jack and Diane. Viv is shocked and runs down the stairs to Elaine. At the pavilion, a crowd gathers as Donna is taken away on a stretcher. The event brings Viv and Bob back together, and they follow Donna on the way to the hospital. Nicola and Rodney are planning to get rid of Steph, by not feeding her. Nicola sneaks back to Mill Cottage to turn on the TV and to make it sound like she and Rodney are downstairs. But when they get home, Nicola and Rodney discovers that Steph must have seen Nicola leave. The parish meeting takes place, but Edna discovers that the roof of the hall needs to be repaired. She sees a job for Mack, but Jarvis is opposed to the idea. Following the meeting, Mack is making tea for himself and Edna, although she isn't sure about his change to her menu. Later, Mack asks Syd for his money, but to no avail. Tricia and Marlon realises that if they were going to have children, then they would need to be more financially stable, so a pay rise for Marlon would be needed. He asks Diane, who says she needs to ask Louise. Later they suggest that Marlon applies for the postman’s job.


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