Bob is unable to bring himself to return to his family, Edna pulls some strings to get Mack the roofing job, and Jack and Diane have their big date.


Viv and Bob arrive back in the village with Donna. They are angry with her because she had lied about the pills, especially as it brought back memories of Kelly taking an overdose at the cricket pavilion for Viv. Above the shop, Bob discovers his wedding suit, but isn't so annoyed as he realises that it doesn't really matter. As he speaks to Donna, Bob realises how badly he has treated her since Dawn turned up on his doorstep. The rest of the teenagers are angry with Donna for scaring them, except for Robert who is very cold towards her. In the Woolpack, Viv walks in on Bob standing up for her after Betty makes ignorant comments about Viv and her parenting skills. But Viv’s hopes for a reconciliation with Bob are once again dashed as he says no. Jack is furious at the kids over their lack of care for Donna the previous day. He is preparing for a big date with Diane, but seems to be going overboard. But Diane turns up and they spend the evening reminiscing about many different things, including life, love and youth. Emily is still worried about Charity’s new found relationship with Debbie. Emily is delighted to see a nice stained glass bowl that Debbie has made for her in school. But Emily realises that it was for Charity rather than herself and is upset.Edna is disgruntled after seeing Jack and Diane kissing in the Woolpack, and later because things didn’t go her way at the parish meeting, as Jarvis continued to oppose her suggestion for Mack to repair the hall’s roof. Mack receives his money from Syd.


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