Despite Edna’s efforts to boost Mack’s low morale, he has convinced himself that he has little chance of winning the contract for the village hall roof. Tossing aside her usual moral stance, Edna decides to take matters into her own hands and uses her position on the parish committee to give him in unfair advantage. Mack can’t believe his luck when he realises Edna has given him a head start on his competitors and, smug in the knowledge his bid can’t be beaten, he hands in his quote. Edna, meanwhile, is riddled with guilt by her underhand behaviour but tries to justify it to herself in the name of compassion. Elsewhere in the village, Emily is getting Debbie ready for a day with Charity. Excited at the prospect of spending the whole day with her real mum, Debbie nearly forgets her new coat given to her by Emily. On arrival at Home Farm, Charity is quick to mock Debbie's new clothes, insisting she will buy her a designer coat instead. Debbie happily discards the cheaper version and delights in Charity's generosity. After a fabulous day Debbie is full of beans as she returns home to Paddy and Emily - blissfully unaware of the hurt she is causing parading round in her new designer look. Keen to rekindle the passion of their relationship, Bob tries to re-enact his first ever meeting with Viv. But will his efforts to re-ignite their sparkle prove to be a roaring success or put a damper on the situation as he tries to sell her tights? Elsewhere in the village Ronnie has arrived back from France safely. Eric is eager to get his hands on his delivery – but is far from impressed when he finds some stock missing. Laurel may know more about the missing stock, though, than she wants to let on.


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