Paddy is keen to take an anxious Emily out for a meal, hoping to take her mind off the increasingly tense situation with Debbie. When Debbie suggests they ask Charity to baby-sit, however, Emily can’t help but feel jealous but knows she is in no position to object. Debbie is elated when Charity agrees to come over for the evening - bringing along Chris who is warming to the idea of family life. But how will Emily react after returning from her evening out to discover the cosy Tate family scene in her own living room? Mack is thrilled when he is awarded the tender for the work on the village hall roof. Edna tries to hide her guilt as she congratulates her lodger – knowing that she was the one who put him on the winning track. Rodney is becoming increasing worried, as Steph still hasn’t shown her face since she barricaded herself in a bedroom in Mill Cottage without food and water. Nicola isn’t convinced by Steph's so-called stand, though, as she spies Danny making suspicious food purchases. Sure that the two are in collaboration, she sets out to investigate. As Eric starts to investigate the missing stock, Ronnie does the gentlemanly thing and covers for a relieved Laurel by claiming that he accidentally left it in Calais. The Marsden kids are keen to make their mark in the village by having a house warming party. Although Frances is dead against the idea, Ali and Elaine manage to get round her by persuading their father to agree!


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