Emily stands firm by her decision that Debbie would be better off with another care family. Sure that she has let Debbie down and unable to withstand the pressure of competing with Charity for her affection - giving her up seems the only option. But Emily still dreads her reaction when she tells her the heartfelt truth about her future - convinced her departure will ultimately lead Charity to loose interest as well. Meanwhile, Debbie is upbeat telling Paddy and Emily how much she enjoys spending time with her real mother. Unable to prolong the inevitable, they brace themselves as they tell her she is to leave Emmerdale for good. The feeling of rejection is all too familiar for Debbie as she breaks down begging them to reconsider. But will her desperate pleas fall on deaf ears as Emily tries to justify their actions? When Ashley implies Edna must be very proud that Mack won the contract for the village hall roof, she immediately suspects he knows that she gave him a helping hand. With her reputation at stake she is quick to deny she had anything to do with it, leaving Ashley puzzled by her defensive tone. Viv and Bob set off on a cosy rural retreat as they pack up a picnic and head out for the afternoon. The fresh Yorkshire air seems to do them the world of good as they put their world to right. Things are not so rosy at Mill Cottage, however, where Alan has been called into coax Steph out of her exile. But his fatherly attempts don’t make the slightest bit of difference and he suggests they resort to force.


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