Bad news travels fast in Emmerdale and it doesn’t take long for Debbie’s departure to reach Charity at Home Farm. She berates Emily for her action demanding to know why she let Debbie go back to a care home. Emily is distraught as she admits the situation became unbearable and care was the only option. Although Charity has never wanted to play happy families, she is furious that the decision has been made without her consent and sets about taking the issue up with social services. After a bitter row with Paddy and Emily, Charity has some life changing decisions to make - will she allow Debbie to be taken away or decide she has some maternal feelings to offer after all? Steph has finally emerged from her self-inflicted exile and apologises to Nicola and Rodney for her immature behaviour. However Rodney is not falling for her humble pie routine – knowing full well Steph isn’t the type to grovel. Now seeing through her sham, he quickly puts two and two together and realises she is after something! Viv and Bob’s recently rekindled relationship is getting off to a slow start. Although they have been dating, Viv is confused as to why Bob hasn’t’ moved back in. Not wanting to rush into things, Bob insists they should take their time, leaving Viv frustrated as she is fed up of playing hard to get! Eric has some exciting news for the village and announces a film company is due to come to Emmerdale to shoot a movie! Edna is still intent on taking penniless Mack under her wing. With no money for a drink she offers to pay his way again, hoping the roof contract will be the answer to his prayers.


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