It's pay-day for Mack as the cheque for the funds for the village hall roof has cleared and he intends to finally get his hands on the money – all £8,000 of it! Viv jokes that he’ll have to watch his back and make sure he doesn’t get mugged before he buys the materials - but he has a better use for the money in mind. Syd is confused by Mack's almost nostalgic manner towards him, but brushes it off as a patronising comment. But when he later sees his old friend packing up his van he becomes suspicious that his pal may be doing a runner with the village roof funds. Edna is quick to defend her trusted lodger, however, and defends Mack – telling a suspicious Syd that he is merely spending the evening away with friends. Syd think otherwise. The last couple of days have been a turbulent time for Debbie, but she can’t believe her ears when Charity says she is willing to take her in. At long last she will be coming home to her real mother. The news breaks Emily’s heart, she gave Debbie up because she loved her too much and could not bring herself to compromise. Now she is reduced to tears as she realises she has pushed Debbie closer to her real mother and being offered visiting rights as a consolation. Meanwhile, it’s good news all round at the Tates’, as Zoe proudly shows off her reinstated driving licence – chuffed to bits she has her own baby transport now. Later at work Zoe takes a shine to the new veterinary drug rep Kate, and is even more please when she invites her out for a drink!


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