Edna is devastated to learn that Mack has done a runner after playing her for a fool! She is forced to admit to herself that, despite her benevolence toward him - she always feared he was capable of this. As word starts to spread of his disappearing, people start to ask questions – but Edna still can’t bring herself to face the truth after becoming so attached to her friend and lodger. It isn’t long before the police arrive, intent of gathering evidence, but Edna is still in denial and refuses to say a bad word against Mack. Unable to contain her guilt, Edna later decides to ease her conscience as she tells Len how she helped Mack win the bid for the work on the village roof. Keen to make the right impression as she prepares to go on her date with Kate, Zoe is grateful when Chloe gives her a few tips on what to wear. But their date doesn’t go according to plan when Kate reveals something unexpected to Zoe! Sam's worries for Stella are over when he learns she has landed safely in Japan at one of Eric's client's. To add to his excitement, Zak phones from South America out of the blue. Sam is enthralled to hear his father has posted him a surprise and to watch out for it in the coming days. After finally surfacing from her bolthole, Steph has discarded her old image in favour of a new, more demure character. But the new Steph is raising more than a few eyebrows in the village. Rodney is still convinced it is all a facade and waits patiently for her to slip back into her old ways!


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