Football fever is set to take Emmerdale by storm as the residents decide to compete in a village tournament. But the friendly competition soon turns sour as they scramble to assemble the best possible teams. With good sportsmen in short supply, though, The Woolpack and Marsden teams grapple to ensure they secure the best players. Ronnie is keen to do a last minute bit of training and goes for a jog around the village. But when he hears a familiar voice behind him he stops in his tracks and turns round. Face to face, Louise and Ronnie share some flirtatious banter over the football competition before she warns him she likes to play dirty – a twinkle in his eyes tells her he is keen to know more! Sam is delighted when he gets a parcel through the post from Zak. As he unravels the surprise he finds a tiny golden nugget falls out. Zak has sent a letter to accompany the surprise explaining the nugget is the first of many – he has struck gold! Meanwhile, Marlon gets some ambitious ideas about getting a second job. But Tricia is far from happy when he explains he is applying to work on an oil rig for six months! Elsewhere in the village, Edna is still feeling desperately guilty about Mack’s disappearance with the committee funds. In a bid to cleanse her conscience, she decides to make a radial offer to cover his debts.

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