Competition is fierce at the charity footy tournament as the teams eagerly limber up on the lawn. But certain team members are banking on scoring off the pitch as well as on. The heat's on with the crunch game set between the Marsdens and The Woolpack but when Louise takes a tumble Ronnie seems a bit too eager in offering a helping hand to the rival team member. Meanwhile, wife Frances is getting into the spirit of things on the sidelines with Diane, who's bought along some booze. In the last minute of the game, and with an equal score line, Ali gets awarded a crucial penalty for a rough tackle against him. With baited breath both teams and spectators look on as Ali boots the ball into the back of the net, past an exasperated Bob. Louise takes defeat gracefully, immediately offering Ronnie the 100 pounds lost in the bet. She leads him off the pitch and into the clubhouse to write a cheque, but the temptation of being along together is too much as they share a passionate kiss. Dawn is shocked to see how unfit Terry is as he struggles to perform his job as referee so decides it's time for him to take some positive action. But her exhausted hubby seems more interested in flexing his muscles in the pub than in a gym! Betty is shunned by Edna when she tries to pay her a consoling visit. Later on the guilt drives Edna to take drastic action by insisting on resigning her position at the village committee. Marlon’s in the doghouse after going against Tricia’s wishes by applying for the job on the oil rig in the North Sea. But when he justifies his actions in wanting to be able to support another addition to the family Tricia softens and accepts his heartfelt decision even though it would mean separation.


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