The Bollywood film crew set up in the village, much to the amusement of the residents. Inspired by the glamour, Tricia sets about finding a way to muscle on to the set. So while hubby Marlon is failing to impress at his job interview, Tricia manages to get invited to audition as an extra in the film. Elsewhere, Edna is still beating herself up about Mack taking the village hall money, despite Ashley insisting that she acted like a good Christian by taking Mack in when all others had rejected him. Danny is driving Ollie up the wall as she tries to concentrate on finishing off her important homework. Just when Ollie starts to see a light at the end of the tunnel Danny inadvertently crashes the computer, which loses all her valuable work. Meanwhile, Louise is titillated by the prospect of a fling with a married man, giving her an obvious spring in her tail. But her unusual behaviour hasn’t gone unnoticed and Diane is keen to know why she is looking so smug. A cautious Louise plays her cards close to her chest, admitting to her friend that she's met a man, but remaining tight-lipped about his identity. When Ronnie visits the pub, Louise is surprised by his unusually cool manner. However his tune soon changes when he spots Louise at the bus stop and is rather quick to offer her a ride. Ronnie and Louise don’t travel far though, as they soon find themselves starting where they left off after the football tournament. After missing his lunch date with his wife, smooth talking Ronnie later settles down to a night in with his unsuspecting family.


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