Louise finds herself in a sticky situation at the Marsden's while running an errand for Diane. Uncomfortable at interrupting a cosy marital scene Louise is quick to make her excuse to leave. Having had his offer of a lift back to The Woolpack declined by a nervous Louise, Ronnie catches her up in the car to offer his services once again. The reality of the situation brings Louise back down to earth with a bump when they both arrive back at the pub to find Frances waiting at the bar. Adversely Ronnie is as cool as a cucumber as he offers to buy his wife lunch to make up for the previous day. Len doesn’t show up at the garage so an overworked Scott goes to track him down, only to find Danny and Len glued to the wrestling game. It doesn’t take long before Scott is also sucked into the addiction, eagerly encouraging the lads to set up a proper tournament. With both reputation and a tenner at stake Len turns to the computer magazines to get some hints on how to improve his play.


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