Tricia and Dawn can’t believe their luck after getting parts as milkmaids in the Bollywood film. But the novelty soon wears off as the scene is repeatedly filmed over and over again. To make matters worse, Tricia grows frustrated to learn the lead lady hasn’t turned up for filming, which can only mean more hanging around. But when the director sees Tricia he decides that she's ideal for the dream bride. Star struck Tricia quickly steps into the breach also agreeing to travel to India for six months with the film crew. But when Marlon returns home to excitedly tell his wife that he has secured a meeting with a small business adviser to discuss his ambitions to start a mobile caterers business Tricia bottles out of telling Marlon her news. With the Mayoral elections looming, Eric is still determined not to stand down. He puts his thinking cap on, desperate to come up with some ideas to hold on to his title. Alone at home he wishes Gloria could be there to offer her support, but is disheartened when he only gets her answering machine. Elsewhere Terry is exasperated by Dawn's attempts to get him into shape so secretly buys a packet of fags and full fat cola from Viv at the first opportunity. Len thrashes the lads in the computer wrestling tournament after deciding to teach Danny a lesson to dampen his arrogance. While Seth deals with the bookmaking side of things, Len concentrates on beating the other players using the special ‘invincible’ cheat buttons Robert helped him learn. There's a bad atmosphere behind the bar at The Woolpack, and the friction isn’t going unnoticed by Marlon and Bob. It worsens when Diane finds out that Ronnie has visited Louise in their house. She's absolutely appalled, but her house mate soon points out that she owns half therefore is entitled to do as she pleases.


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