It's Tricia’s big day on the film set playing the lead role as bride, but Marlon is still unaware that his wife has agreed to jet off to India for six months. Marlon proudly looks on as a stunning Tricia plays her part and is pampered by the film crew. But when Dawn realises he still doesn’t know the truth she takes Tricia aside to talk some sense into her. ealising she can’t put it off any longer Tricia decides to confront Marlon however he flatly refuses to even entertain the idea, telling his wife that it just isn’t going to happen. After Tricia insists she's going to follow her dreams Marlon offers up an ultimatum to choose between her marriage and the film. Terry starts to worry he will never be the man Dawn wants him to be. When he confronts her to ask whether she’d be happier with a younger, more agile man Dawn confirms that she loves him for whom he is. Elsewhere Eric loses out to Ledbetter in the Mayoral elections and to make matters worse his replacement is hovering in the wings of The Woolpack afterwards to rub Eric's nose in it. Ronnie returns from Belgium bearing gifts for his wife but is all too keen to get to The Woolpack. Meanwhile, the frostiness behind the bar has worsened with Diane telling Louise that their friendship is on hold. When Terry notices the atmosphere Diane covers for Louise by explaining that she fears Louise may not yet be over Ray’s death.


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