The Bollywood film crew prepares to leave Emmerdale to complete the rest of their film in India, but Tricia and Marlon are hardly speaking. Marlon has taken the news of his wife's departure badly and can’t believe she would leave him again so soon after their wedding. But starry-eyed Tricia has her heart set on following her dreams and had made up her mind to go - she only wishes Marlon would give her his blessing. However, level-headed Marlon has his feet firmly on the ground until Diane makes a suggestion that sends everything into a spin. Will he let his Bollywood bride pursue her career aspirations, or will her departure jeopardise their relationship? The clock is ticking for Eric and he is forced to face the inevitable as he prepares his mayoral chains for the hand over ceremony. Sad to lose his title, he reflects on the status it had given him and wishes Gloria was close by. But the powers of Westminster are taking their toll on Eric's distant wife and she is far too busy to return his calls. Elsewhere in the village, Viv has been trying to coax Bob home but he is determined to take things slowly. Her persistence, however, finally pays off when she invites him in to seal their recently rekindled relationship and he eagerly accepts.


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