Dawn has been feeling under the weather, giving Terry the perfect opportunity to take an eager break from his fitness regime and visit his friends in the pub. But a heart to heart with Louise has a surprising outcome as she reveals the she is seeing a married man. Terry is taken aback when he realises the severity of the situation, questioning whether she is in her right mind. But as he dwells on her revelation he can’t help feeling slightly disjointed about her blasé approach to the relationship, so soon after rejecting him. Later at home, Terry puts aside his mixed emotions towards Louise. Dawn is still feeling green and delivers a further blow when she reveals why. Nicola is furious when she discovers Laurel has been out on the town and missed two of her cleaning appointments. Keen to get the money flowing into their cleaning empire, Laurel's approach doesn’t seem up to scratch, Nicola is intent on getting things ship shape. Like father like daughter, and Nicola is certainly a chip off the old block for Rodney. He is so impressed by her business skills he decides to buy her a new car to help with the cleaning business. Elsewhere in the village, Ronnie continues to pursue his affair with Louise, she remains uncharacteristically unconcerned about people's perceptions in the village.


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