Unnerved by Dawn's revelation that she might be pregnant, Terry is keen for her to take a test to find out for sure. Dawn confides in Siobhan she would made up at the thought of having a baby, but she begins to doubt Terry, as has remained very quiet about the subject. Little does Dawn know, Terry is preoccupied with finding out the identity of Louise’s new flame. Desperate to find out more, he plagues Diane for a name. Although Diane has huge issues with Louise's affair she remains loyal to her friend and will not be drawn on his identity, leaving Terry frustrated. As Dawn finds out the test results, she takes her new husband aside and tells him he is going to have to let Louise go – he has bigger responsibilities now as she is pregnant with their first child. Meanwhile, Nicola is busy organising a photo shoot to help drum up extra business for their cleaning company. Determined not to be outdone by the likes of Chloe, who has been brought in to model for the shoot, Laurel reveals her new image which gives everyone a fright! Elsewhere in the village, Paul is delighted to have been offered the postman's job. But the excitement quickly wears off when Betty lays into him about his duties before he's even had a chance to handle any post. Depressed Eric decides to drown his sorrows when it becomes very apparent his busy wife Gloria has forgotten their wedding anniversary. Fed up of playing second fiddle to her job, Eric reflects on his life. Not only has he lost his title of Mayor, it is becoming increasing obvious he has lost his wife as well. Little does he know Gloria has got a trick up her sleeve to celebrate their anniversary – if only Lisa can stop him going on an antique trip to Scotland with Rodney.


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