Having befriended Frances, Diane struggles to understand Louise’s selfishness, as she remains unconcerned for the trouble her affair may cause. Meanwhile, Louise is jealous of her friend’s growing bond with Frances but is determined not to back down over Ronnie. Diane sets about changing Louise’s perspective – if she can only make her see who the real victim is, then maybe she’d leave the Marsdens’ alone. While Bob is overjoyed at the prospect of being a grandparent, Viv however is not so sure as the villagers tease her with granny jokes! Meanwhile, Diane has a plan that begins to change her mind, as she begins to see grandparenting in a different light. Terry is chuffed to finally have his best mate back, as he and Bob go for a jog in the village – both keen to get fit in time for the new baby. Elsewhere, in the village, family life is not so blissful. There is trouble at the Tates’ as Debbie and Joseph aren’t exactly seeing eye to eye. Playtime becomes aggressive when the children accuse each other of cheating and have to be split up by Charity and Chris. Meanwhile, Laurel has got the wrong end of the stick about Ashley, and with a bit of encouragement from Nicola has decided to move in for the kill. Ashley is taken aback by her forward behaviour, as he tries to let her down gently.


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