The frosty atmosphere in The Woolpack is too much for Diane as she decides to have it out with Louise over her affair with Ronnie. However, Diane's stern words seem to go in one ear and out the other for Louise, as instead of cooling the relationship, she makes arrangements to see Ronnie later that day. Much to Dawn’s relief, Terry is bubbling with excitement, as they go to the hospital for the first baby scan. Proud to be an expectant father he can’t wait to take the image to the pub to show all his pals. But his proud moment is spoiled by some early practice in childcare, when he is summoned to Home Farm to babysit Debbie. Having spent most of her life in care, you’d think Debbie would be over the moon to be finally living with her real mum. But all the riches in the world still don’t buy happiness for Debbie, as she feels neglected and fed up at Home Farm. With Charity out on business all day, Debbie has never felt so alone as Chris makes a fuss of Joseph and she is left with reluctant Terry. Meanwhile, Marlon has made an unexpected appearance back in the village. Just days after he left to be with Tricia in India, he is on his way home. Little does he know Alan has rented out his home, thinking they’ll be away for six months, and he is in for a nasty surprise when he lets himself into the cottage.


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