Sensing her unhappiness, Emily is concerned about Debbie living up at Home Farm. To make matters worse Cain is intent on adding fuel to the fire by filling Debbie's head with cruel ideas about Charity, escalating her insecurities. Incensed by his words, Debbie decides to confront her mother and ask if she is really welcome or just an inconvenience, as Cain described. Charity can’t believe her ears when a distraught Debbie tells her she has packed her bags and is leaving Home Farm. Having enjoyed the closeness of the family unit since Debbie arrived, Chris is forced to think quickly. He makes Debbie an offer she cannot refuse, leaving Charity flabbergasted at his suggestion. Louise continues her affair with Ronnie behind Diane’s back, although her good friend is suspicious as she suddenly develops a passion for the gym. Urged on by the increased secrecy of their affair, Louise is wild with excitement at the thought of being caught out. Meanwhile, Marlon finds himself homeless and wifeless, having returned from India on his own. Paddy and Emily worry they have had a bust up, but Marlon won’t be drawn on the subject, insisting he had visa problems. With his old home rented out, Marlon asks Paddy and Emily if they’ll let him bunk down for a couple of days, so they find themselves fostering a grown up! Elsewhere in the village, Ali, Robert and Stephen fear they are in for some trouble from the police, after a drink driving incident and Lisa gets an unexpected surprise visit from Shadrach looking for a room for the night. Taken in by his sob story she finally agrees to let him stay.


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