Chris’s new philosophy on Debbie has left both Charity and Zoe bemused. But they both agree adoption would be the perfect option, to give her a proper place within the Tate home. Alone, Zoe takes Charity aside and questions whether she is going to tell Chris who the real father is, but her request falls on deaf ears. Meanwhile, Chris is convinced that her real father is dead, and Charity can’t bring herself to drop another bombshell by exposing a further skeleton from her closet. At the Dingles, Shadrach insists he stay for dinner much to the annoyance of Cain, as they don’t see eye to eye. Little did he realise how profitable it would be when he meets Debbie for the first time and notices an unusual familiarity. Quick to detect the secret that has been under everybody's nose, Shadrach makes his excuses and leaves for Home Farm with his revelation. Once again, as her world falls apart, Charity wonders how she is going to cover her exposed secret from Chris as she is forced to offer Shadrach money to keep quiet. Marlon isn’t having much luck getting back to India, with the visa office closed due to the bank holiday, he is frustrated as he misses Tricia. To make matters worse, Paddy and Emily are like love struck teenagers again after their weekend away, and Marlon isn’t getting any sleep. Elsewhere in the village, Katie is struggling with her maths assignment, Andy does his best to be of help but ends up hindering her. He is later disgruntled when Ali saves the day.


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