Charity is well aware it won’t take long before her secret is out - her financial offer to Shadrach will have only bought her some time. Zoe reinforces her fears and insists that she come clean to Chris, before he finds out from others. Charity braces herself as she knows what she must do. Meanwhile, Chris is bonding with Debbie. Having her around has brought him and Charity together and he has grown very fond of having her around. At Home Farm, Chris sees Debbie feeding the horses, touched by how well she has fitted in, he offers to buy her a pony and riding lessons. She is thrilled. Little does she realise how things are about to change, nothing could prepare Chris for the revelation that Cain is Debbie's father – a Dingle through and through and a name he has grown to despise. Donna is sick of fancying Stephen from afar, she decides it is time to let him know how she feels. Poor Stephen doesn’t know what's hit him when Donna moves in for the kill. But Donna is the least of Stephen's problems as Ali has started a rumour that he is gay. Sam is over the moon when an email from the far east informs him that Stella the tortoise is alive and well and now has a new playmate in Japan. Elsewhere in the village, Shadrach is flush from his trip to see Charity at Home Farm. He offers to take Cain out for a drink, as he has something interesting to tell him about Debbie.


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