Chris is furious with Charity, every time she regains his trust another bombshell drops. But the revelation that Cain is Debbie's father is the final nail in the coffin, he can’t believe the lies and deceit he has been subjected to. Having begun the adoption arrangements, Chris now has other things on his mind. Desperate to salvage what is left of his family and distance himself from the Dingles he wonders how much money it will take to pay Cain off. At the Dingles, Cain is confused, but intrigued as to why he has been invited to Home Farm. But his curiosity gets the better of him and he agrees to go. Debbie senses the uneasiness in the air and worries that they are going to tell her she has to go. But Charity takes her aside knowing what she is about to tell her will have a huge effect on her life. In a separate room, a solemn Chris greets a nervous Cain, who has no idea what to expect from the meeting. Cain is convinced it is some kind of sick joke at first, but realises he is serious as Chris puts the money on the table and waits for his decision. Will Cain take the money and run, or develop some paternal feelings for Debbie or more true to form, will he act against their will to spite the Tates? Elsewhere in the village, Donna is excited about her date with Stephen, but her over-enthusiasm gets the better of her as she scares him off for being to pushy. Meanwhile, with all the commotion going on at the Tates, Lisa has taken pity on Shadrach and agrees to let him stay with the Dingles for a while. But her pity won’t last, as it isn’t too long before he's causing trouble as a tearful Charity later catches him stealing CD's from her car.


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