The Tate household is coming under increasing pressure as the news that Cain is Debbie’s father continues to drive a wedge between Charity and Chris. Chris is furious that he always seems to be the last person to be told anything – particularly where Charity is concerned. Zoe tries to reassure him that she had good reason for keeping the dark secret from him, but Chris isn’t so sure. Charity, meanwhile, tries to convince her husband that Cain will soon bore of his new role and they will get back to normality. But Cain is actually showing no signs of backing down and his emotion is fired by the knowledge that Shadrach kept Charity's pregnancy from him. Lisa steps in to try and prevent all out war between the two men and can’t help but wonder if Cain may have turned out a very different person had Charity told him the truth all those years ago. At the centre of the bitter battle is poor Debbie who finds herself turning to Emily for advice on how to deal with the tug of love. Stephen is reeling from his disastrous date with Donna and even starts to question his own sexuality when he thinks that Andy is laughing at him behind his back. He decides to tackle Andy head on and asks him if their friendship would be as strong if he were to be gay. Andy assures him that nothing would change, but do his words really reflect his true feelings about Stephen's questionable sexuality? Louise continues to flirt with danger as she continues to see Ronnie. But she nearly comes unstuck when she emerges from a passionate clinch in his truck – only to come face to face with Diane further down the road. Elsewhere, Marlon battles to get some sleep – but it is an uphill struggle.


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