As Diane prepares for a girl's night out with Frances, Louise can’t help but feel pangs of jealousy – not least because she can’t get to see Ronnie because she is stuck at work. But Ronnie has plans of his own to meet up with Louise – even if it means lying to his wife as to where he will be that evening. After telling Frances that he is going to The Malt Shovel pub for a pint, he instead makes a beeline for The Woolpack, intent on catching up with his favourite landlady. The two lovers sail close to the wind, however, when Terry refuses to cover for Louise's absence and Frances discovers that Ronnie has been propping up the bar at The Woolpack and not The Malt Shovel! Charity is determined to get her relationship with Chris back on track and decides to try to be more open with him. When she asks if he would like to know more about her relationship with Cain, though, he assures her that he doesn’t and says that he will accept it with time. But as things start to look up for the couple, Cain begins to realise that his presence as Debbie’s father could give him a real advantage over arch enemy Chris Tate. As he spends more and more time with Debbie, trying to get to know her as his daughter, she reveals that her seeing him is causing ructions at home with Charity and Chris. Cain delights in this and realises that he may have gained more than just a daughter – he's now got the key to Home Farm too. Things aren’t getting any easier for Stephen in light of the rumours that he may be gay. His friends are seemingly abandoning him and when Katie suggests inviting him over to offer support, Andy does all he can to try and get out of it.


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