Trouble is brewing at The Woolpack and Louise is about to find herself public enemy number one! Frances has worked out that the landlady is the reason for Ronnie’s frequent visits to the pub and, given his track record, it doesn’t take much for her to realise that Louise is serving up more than just a pint to her husband. Louise is surprised when Frances arrives at The Woolpack instead of attending church and assumes she is there to see Diane. But Frances quickly lets Louise know that she isn’t there to see Diane and knows all about her sordid affair with Ronnie. The vicious verbal assault catches Louise off-guard and despite her best efforts, she struggles to put up a convincing denial – particularly when Frances points out that it certainly isn’t the first time he has played away from home. As Frances leaves with a warning to Louise to steer clear, Louise goes gunning for Diane – convinced that she has revealed all to Frances. Ronnie, meanwhile, is in for a shock when he returns home to find that Frances has rumbled his romps and is in no mood to forgive and forget! Eric is preparing for the arrival of Mr Tashiro – a potentially important business client from Japan. Sam has been given the responsibility of taking Tomiko, Mr Tashiro's offspring, under his wing and eagerly makes plans to entertain him. Sam's disappointment is there for all to see, however, when Tomiko turns out to be a she and not a he. Debbie seeks assurance from Charity that Chris is happy for her to see Cain. Charity is confident he is, but asks Debbie not to make too big a deal of it in front of him. Cain is happy to hear that he has been asked to make more formal arrangements to see Debbie. But Charity becomes suspicious when Cain is only too eager to play things her way. Steph suggests a free evaluation day to try and encourage business at the antiques barn.


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