As Frances tries to carry on business as usual after discovering Ronnie’s affair, Paul can’t help but notice that something is amiss with his mum. Desperate not to force her problems on to the rest of her family, however, Frances confirms that they have had a row, but nothing serious. Instead she saves her true feelings for Diane and rips into her for her deceit at keeping the affair secret from her. Diane is angry with herself for how she handled the situation and finds herself feeling sorry for Frances having to suffer Ronnie’s straying. But Frances makes it perfectly clear that Diane should save her pity for Louise. Frances subsequently decides to confide in Ashley, but admits that she will be taking Ronnie back, rationalising that their marriage is good and just because he strays it doesn’t mean Ronnie no longer loves her. But when her husband does return with his tail firmly between his legs, Frances makes it abundantly obvious that he has a tough time ahead. Things don’t bode well for Eric as it becomes increasingly clear that his Japanese business visitor isn’t impressed with Pollard’s Factory set up. Seeing the contract slip through their fingers, Lisa persuades Mr Tashiro to join her in The Woolpack to discuss the order. Sam isn’t impressed at having to look after Tomiko, Tashiro’s daughter, but Lisa notes that she could possibly exploit the situation to her advantage and keep the business. Elsewhere, Steph struggles to try and make her valuation day a success and Stephen thanks Andy for not being swayed by the rumours that he could be gay.


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