Lisa starts to realise that she has taken too much on trying to get the Japanese order finished on time. It is taking its toll on the workers, and it is only a matter of time before the whole order is cancelled. With her back against the wall, Lisa hits on a way out and decides to order ornaments from elsewhere to complement Eric's batch. Sam, meanwhile, is surprised to find himself warming to Tomiko. After trying to offload her by giving her the job of mucking out the pigs. He is suddenly taken by her approach to the job and her happy-go-lucky attitude to life. Ronnie is working hard to get back in his wife's good books and suggests that they should take a brief holiday alone and away from the kids and the village. Frances isn’t completely convinced and also points out the dangers of leaving the children alone after the last party disaster. Ronnie doesn't have it any easier with Louise, who accuses him of being a coward for not telling her that the affair was over. But Ronnie knows which side his bread is buttered on and defends Frances when Louise starts to insult her. As his friendship with Stephen is blossoming, Andy is uncomfortable when Robert suggests that people might assume that Andy is gay. Rodney and Steph put their heads together to ensure that the valuation day will be a sure-fire hit – but not everything is above board when they both con Betty and Mavis Cathcart for a lower price on the actual cost of their valuables.


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