Lisa starts to worry that Sam is heading for a broken heart as he is seemingly growing more and more fond of the visiting Tomiko. But that’s nothing compared to the worry she faces when she and the workers at Pollard’s Factory start to unpack the extra ornaments that have been delivered to finish the order. Much to Lisa’s horror, all of the ornaments are labelled “Made in Japan” and the clock is ticking before Mr Tashiro’s return. She demands that the workers knuckle down to re-label the entire stock or the order will be a washout. But can she pull it off and save the day? Sam, meanwhile, confides to Laurel that, as suspected, he is gutted that he only has one day left with Tomiko. Rumours are still rife about Stephen’s sexuality and Katie is becoming increasingly worried about how her friend will deal with them. She tries to talk it through with Andy but he is far from sympathetic and it becomes clear that he perhaps isn’t quite as understanding of the situation as he had made on. And things don’t get any better when Bob cracks a one-liner about Andy and Stephen enjoying a cosy night together. Ollie is struggling to find time to get her head in her books in order to revise for her forthcoming exams. But Len and Danny seem oblivious to her plight and, if anything, just make life even harder work. Everytime Ollie puts her head above the parapet, she discovers another dirty house and a bowl full of pots that demand her attention.


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